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  • Flying with Kids During a Pandemic

    Flying with Kids During a Pandemic

    The world is opening up again and some families are dusting off their passports and packing their bags to begin traveling again. Back in 2020, I did something that no mother ever really WANTS to do. I flew internationally with my two children ages one and three, during a pandemic. Was it one of the […]

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  • Regrowing My Edges with Edge Naturale

    Regrowing My Edges with Edge Naturale

    Postpartum hair regrowth has been an uphill battle, and my edges tell the story. My hairline has been playing catch-up since my first pregnancy. During pregnancy, my hair grew long, thick and healthy. It wasn’t until I looked back at my wedding photos that I realized something was missing. My edges! Our romantic destination wedding […]

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  • What No One Tells You About PostPartum Healing

    What No One Tells You About PostPartum Healing

    Your baby’s due date is commonly considered the finish line for many pregnancies – the end of the nine month journey to meet your precious baby. But I’m here to give you a REALITY CHECK! Postpartum healing and care is an entirely new adventure. If you are a first-time mom, or are friends with or […]

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  • What No One Tells You About Breastfeeding

    What No One Tells You About Breastfeeding

    Just minutes after giving birth, my little blue boy was placed on my chest. I read all of the breastfeeding tips I could consume before going into labor, yet there I was, unsure of what to do. My son was already smacking his lips, instinctively knowing what was coming next. He latched immediately, as I […]

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  • Easy Baby Food Recipes

    Easy Baby Food Recipes

    Easy baby food recipes put you in control of what your child is consuming. Making your baby’s first foods is a simple and easy way to ensure she gets the nutrients she needs during her first year and beyond. FTC Disclosure: This post or video contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission […]

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  • Navigating Covid Burnout

    Navigating Covid Burnout

    We are more than halfway through 2020, and burnout is real. Coping with Covid burnout is like the endurance race we didn’t sign up for. It’s the marathon we were never trained to compete in. Who could have imagined that we would have to learn how to cope with little to no social interaction? Now […]

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  • How to Grow Your Online Presence

    How to Grow Your Online Presence

    This post is sponsored by Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers by Russell Brunson. All opinions are my own. How to grow your online presence is not an exact science, but it’s an area worth studying, for anyone interested in joining the influencer, or online business […]

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  • Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle

    Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle

    It’s easy to start a new diet or follow a new fad, but at some point you begin to wonder if it is realistic to keep up and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle is the key word here, because since following Always Eat After 7 PM: The Revolutionary Rule-Breaking Diet That Lets You Enjoy Huge […]

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  • What to Eat for More Energy

    What to Eat for More Energy

    I have been struggling to find the right foods to eat for more energy. As a stay-at-home mom of two busy young children, my days can seem like a sprint to bedtime. I am determined to change that, so we can all enjoy more during the day. This post is brought to you by our […]

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  • To Diet or Not to Diet?

    To Diet or Not to Diet?

    Being stuck at home for an extended period of time can really take a toll on healthy eating habits, if you aren’t diligent about it. In preparation, we stocked up on snacks to get us through what many of us thought would be a mere two weeks at home. Boy, did we underestimate that! This […]

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  • Eat Late at Night … and Other Myth-Busting Diet Hacks

    Eat Late at Night … and Other Myth-Busting Diet Hacks

    Keeping up with two small children under three years old is exhausting. As they enter each new phase of life, I tell myself that this is the season when I will have more energy, get more rest and keep up with them. Truth – I haven’t found that right season yet. Until I get to […]

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  • The Best Toddler Activities

    The Best Toddler Activities

    How to keep your toddler busy during quarantine. Toddlers are always busy. They are tiny humans with their own agendas. If you dare throw a wrench in their wheels, be prepared for a lot of huffing and puffing. Fortunately, most toddlers are easily distracted and can be coaxed to try something new, but only if […]

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