Review Your Morning Routine Regularly

Now that you have a new Morning Gameplan, take the time to review your morning routine every so often. Why? Once you set up a routine, it may be easy to do the same things over and over again without thinking, which can work for or against you. It is important to take note of what is working for you and determine if there is something you could be doing better. Do you need more or less time to do certain tasks?

What do you love about your mornings? What could be better?

Adapt & Evolve

Your morning routine will change over time, as the seasons change, as your career and family dynamic changes. Your priorities will change, leading you to make more time for some tasks, and less time for others. Before I became a mother, I had more time in the mornings for working out, reading and journaling. Now as a mother of two, I have less time for myself in the mornings, and there was a point in time when I couldn’t find time in my day for reading or journaling. I made a conscious decision to make time for myself and those activities in my evening routine for my own mental health.

Keep It Up

Watch out for chances to slip back into old habits. Don’t use vacation, or an extended period at home as an excuse to abuse the snooze button. Imagine what you could do with that extra half an hour in your morning if you stuck to your wake up time on the weekends or while stuck at home.

You created your Perfect Morning so use it to your advantage!

I’m still not a morning person, but my morning routine has helped me to function better, to be more efficient and productive in the  mornings and to start each day off with a positive mindset.

What have you learned about yourself and your morning routine in this process?

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