3 Steps to a Better Morning – Keep It Simple

At this point you should know what parts of your busy morning routine are most important to you. If not, here is a blog post that can help you get started. But is there any way you can trim the fat to prioritize those things you can’t live without in the morning? It’s a question worth answering. As creatures of habit, we get stuck in routines that don’t always serve our best interests, operating on autopilot rather than taking the most efficient route.

More Doesn’t Mean Less

Making over your morning doesn’t mean cramming more tasks into less time. That can leave you feel rushed and even stressed in the mornings, instead of ready for the day. Try slowing it down and focusing on what really matters by redirecting your time. For me that means getting up and getting dressed as soon as I wake up, then using the time while my children are eating to read my Bible and journal. I’ve found that it’s a balancing act and what works some mornings doesn’t work on others. 

Don’t Sacrifice 

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so I make it a point to never miss it. Even on mornings when we have to get out of the house quickly, we don’t sacrifice breakfast. Frozen waffles if we have less than 20 minutes for breakfast, and homemade pancakes and scrambled eggs if we have a little more time. Instead of sacrificing breakfast completely, I make breakfast work for the type of morning we have ahead of us.

Manage Time Wisely

How does your current morning routine shape up compared to your Perfect Morning? Is there something in your morning that you’re doing out of habit, rather than necessity? Email and social media are two popular culprits when it comes to this. I found that the time I would take reading emails and scrolling through social media could be cut down or cut out completely and redirected to another time. I was doing those things out of habit and not out of necessity.

What is one thing you can do to better manage your time?

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  1. Great stuFF boo!! & All so TruE:). Thank you for the inspiration to keep living more purposefulY♥️♥️♥️.#ontherightpath#

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