Third Trimester Checklist

Time is winding down in my second pregnancy and the finish line is in sight! But before I can hold my little bundle of joy in my arms, there are a few important things I have to cross off my to-do list. I’ve actually delayed publishing this post multiple times because I was dragging my…… Continue reading Third Trimester Checklist

Surviving a Newborn – 7 Apps You Need

The newborn phase is one of the most fascinating and challenging stages of motherhood. While you’re working on healing your body from the inside out, you’re also adjusting to the job of Mommy, with a demanding boss that requires your attention around the clock. As a journalist, I found myself Googling every little question I…… Continue reading Surviving a Newborn – 7 Apps You Need

Safe Pregnancy Workouts

Working out was one of the last things on my mind after emerging from the first trimester filled with morning sickness, but the second time around, I was determined to keep a closer eye on my pregnancy weight to ensure that baby and I remained as healthy as possible. During my first pregnancy, once my…… Continue reading Safe Pregnancy Workouts

Pregnancy Acne: My Treatment Plan For Clear Skin

To pop or not to pop? To pop or not to pop? That’s the question for anyone who suffers from adult or hormonal acne, but it’s even more pronounced during pregnancy for some lucky women. I happen to be one of them. Now that I’m on to pregnancy number two, I’m determined to not let…… Continue reading Pregnancy Acne: My Treatment Plan For Clear Skin