How I Got Rid of My Pregnancy & Hormonal Acne

I have struggled to get rid of pregnancy and hormonal acne through two pregnancies and post-partum journeys. In my opinion, adult acne has nothing on pregnancy and hormonal acne, because there is next to nothing you can do to get rid of it. But with the right products and a simple 3-step routine, I was able to manage and eventually get rid of my pregnancy and hormonal acne.

During my teen years I would get the occasional pimple, but it was nothing my Neutrogena spot treatment couldn’t fix. My first encounter with hormonal acne came when I went to college and saw major breakouts along my jawline and forehead. I followed a Proactiv regimen for a few years, supplementing with drugstore spot treatments, to finally achieve the skin of my dreams by my late 20s.

Then in my early-30s, it hit me – hard. I struggled to find the right combination for my changing skin, balancing sun protection and acne-fighting ingredients.

And just when I was beginning to understand my skin and its needs, I got pregnant. Hormonal, pregnancy acne did a number on my face – one sign of pregnancy that left me with scars that I still have to this day.

When my second pregnancy came around, I developed an action plan to keep my skin clear and avoid any additional acne scarring.

I was looking for products that would be strong enough to fight hormonal breakouts, yet gentle enough for use during pregnancy. It just so happened that I came across three magical products that changed my skin, and they were all from the same product line, which never happens for me.

How I got rid of pregnancy and hormonal acne.

The Three Products that Saved My Skin from Pregnancy & Hormonal Acne

Even postpartum, I find myself going back to these three products for the simple reason that they work without stripping or harming my skin.

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Glycolic Foaming Cleanser

Skin congestion was a major issue for me but this product helped to gently clear my pores, without overdrying. This product was a lifesaver, saving me from myself and hours of picking my face.


Glycolic Acid Toner

This toner paired perfectly with the cleanser and I started noticing results after just a handful of days. My skin felt smoother, even if there were breakouts present, and my existing dark marks began to gently fade away.


Buffering Lotion

This has become a holy grail item for me, fighting acne under the skin. I’ve mentioned my struggles with hormonal acne before, and this product is designed to reduce inflammation associated with acne. I started my acne-fighting journey with salicylic acid, then graduated to benzoyl peroxide. But during my second pregnancy, I was looking for a product that would be more gentle on my skin, and I discovered this gem. 

Facial Spray With Aloe, Chamomile And Lavender

Most days I give my face a few spritzes of this facial spray for the calming scent of lavender and the aloe, which leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.

My biggest challenge with my current skincare routine is moisture. I have naturally oily skin, and growing up in the high humidity of The Bahamas, I typically skipped moisturizing my face all together. I didn’t know any better and my skin seemed to be fine without it, but as I grew older I realized the importance of moisturizing. Now that I live in a much drier climate, I’m still struggling to find the perfect moisturizer to balance my skin. I currently use vitamin E oil, which I apply to my skin after cleansing at night, but I am looking for a real moisturizer that I can wear day and night.

What do you use to moisturize? Currently accepting recommendations!

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