7 Tips to Relieve Morning Sickness | How to Get Rid of Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a rather common symptom of early pregnancy, but it may seem like relief is hard to come by. A positive pregnancy test can come along with excitement, anxiety, butterflies, headaches… and morning sickness. Here are some of my tried and true solutions to relieve morning sickness, and make even the worst days of early pregnancy a little more bearable.

How to relieve morning sickness and keep it away all day.

How to Relieve Morning Sickness & Keep it Away All Day

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1. Stay Hydrated |Top Tip to Relieve Morning Sickness

It’s easier said than done, especially if nausea is the worst part of those early pregnancy days. It didn’t matter that the first trimester sickies visited me in the middle of winter – the number one thing that I knew would relieve morning sickness was an icy cold drink or tall cup of ice. And yes, temperature does matter. Hot and warm drinks may be more difficult to stomach in those early weeks, so I recommend steering clear of those if you want to keep morning sickness away all day. Meanwhile, ice cold sports drinks, lemonade, water – they were all necessary to keep my energy up and keep me off of the couch and out of bed.

2. Make Lemonade

Not literally, but try hot water with lemon which turned out to be the only hot beverage I could keep down. Whenever I needed a change from plain water, I would squeeze the juice of half a lemon, then cut the other half into thick slices and pour hot water over the fruit. I would only recommend drinking one cup of this every few hours to keep morning sickness away all day. I learned the hard way that anything more may invite heartburn.

Hot water and lemon helps to relieve morning sickness and keep it away all day.

3. Get Spicy with Ginger

Ginger has also been known for its anti-nausea properties and during pregnancy, it can bring much-needed relief from morning sickness and nausea. Whether it’s a cup of tea, ginger ale with real ginger, or crystallized ginger, the form all depends on what you can stomach.

When I was on the go and couldn’t get fresh ginger, I would reach for ginger candy that still had the strength of fresh ginger, with the convenience (and sweetness) of candy.

4. Freeze!

This tip covers two bases in one by getting something of substance into your stomach and fighting queasiness with something cold. My fruit of choice is always mango, but I’ve found that frozen strawberries and peaches also do the trick. It also serves as a midnight snack that you won’t feel guilty about.

5. Breathe

If you’re battling congestion on top of morning sickness a menthol nasal inhaler can open your passages and help you to breathe a little easier. Be sure to look for a non-medicated inhaler unless you have the okay from your doctor. If you can’t stomach the scent of menthol, give saline a try to keep your nasal passage moisturized, and help relieve any congestion you may have along with morning sickness.

6. Go Scent-free

You never realize how fragrant Thanksgiving and Christmas are until you’re pregnant. Your partner’s favorite cologne or perfume may send your stomach churning, so politely ask if your loved ones can help you go fragrance-free until your morning sickness days are behind you. This also goes for scented candles, air fresheners, laundry detergent, bath soap, and shower gel. You’ll want to pack up those air fresheners until your morning sickness passes, but you may want to retire the scented detergents and soaps until a few months after baby is born to avoid any possible allergic reactions and rashes.

7. Sleep

Sometimes a nap is really the only remedy to relieve morning sickness, especially when your body is working overtime building a human! Plan to get some extra shuteye while you can, and don’t feel guilty about it. You deserve it!

How to relieve morning sickness and home remedies to keep it away all day.

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